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Chamber Energy Solutions: Exclusive products
and services for the benefit of chamber members.

Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce, Stoke on Trent

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Services Provided:

  • Energy Procurement- Chamber Energy Solutions offers a range of procurement options (as part of our Account Care service) to suit your business needs: we offer fixed contract (both long and short term), flexible or portfolio products
  • Contract Alignment – aligning multiple contracts to end on the same date which saves both time and money.
  • Energy Audit – A full energy review of a members’ business or sire, conducted by a team of qualified and accredited Energy Surveyors.
  • Energy Health Check – A snapshot of members’ energy usage in their business.


Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce has been in existence for over 200 years – the first association was established in 1813 and became incorporated in 1949. It was born out of a desire from businesses to meet and trade together, for there to be an organisation to represent the interest of commerce and industry and to ensure that there was a voice for business. There has also been a need for an organisation to deliver services to help businesses to start, grow and succeed.

Staffordshire Chambers continues to deliver this role, with over 800 members and is one of only 53 nationally to be formally accredited by the British Chambers of Commerce. It represents the views of its members and lobbies on a local, regional and national scale on matters of policy affecting the local business community. . It has also developed a wider role with the recognition of the contribution that the business community makes to economic and social success. The

Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce resides within an office building built in circa 1985. The building serves as a meeting, conference and staff office space providing business assistance and services to clients within the Staffordshire area.

Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce has been a member of Chamber Energy Solutions since August 2014. Chamber Energy Solutions is a service available to all BCC accredited Chambers. Designed with Chamber members in mind, and in partnership with Utilitywise. Chamber Energy Solutions offers an exclusive range of products and services to reduce both energy consumption and associated cost.

Through Chamber Energy Solutions, Staffordshire Chambers decided to take up the option of an Energy Audit including an Energy Health Check.


From the results received through the Energy Health Check and Energy Audit, the Chamber Energy Solutions team was able to identify a number of areas where savings in energy costs could be made, including:

  • Annual reduction in energy consumption of 22.84%
  • Annual reduction of CO2 by 19.07%
  • Annual reduction of energy spend by 19.34%

Next steps:

Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce are now aware of additional areas on site for improvement.

“We have received both energy services and procurement from Chamber Energy Solutions, and I am delighted with the service we’ve received.. They advised us on how to reduce our consumption by over 20%, diminish our Co2 levels by a similar amount and also identified a financial saving of 19.34%. I would certainly use this service again and recommend this service to other Chambers of Commerce and to our members”.

Lorraine Green, Financial Controller and Company Secretary

For more information:

T: 0800 923 0210




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