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Free Water Bill Validation

Mon 20th October 2014Free Water Bill Validation available to members

Water is a precious commodity which is steadily becoming more of a financial burden. At Chamber Energy Solutions we believe that reducing waste is the key to using water efficiently, which naturally leads to the added benefits of lower charges and enhanced environmental credentials. Our team of Water Consultants benefit from extensive experience in the water Industry, with expert knowledge of legislation, water competition and environmental responsibilities. Their understanding of charges for water supply, wastewater disposal, consented trade effluent and surface water, enable them to provide valuable advice to customers.

Our services include:

  • Water Bill Management
  • Water Bill Validation
  • Water Leakage Detection
  • Water Asset Management
  • Water Audits
  • Water Dispute Resolution
  • Water Recycling
  • Water Surveys and Mapping

Chamber members procuring their energy requirements through Chamber Energy Solutions have the opportunity to gain a free water bill validation. The bill validation process comprises a detailed analysis of all aspects of a clients’ water and sewerage bills to ensure they are being charged correctly and that the applied tariff is the best available.

With Government focus on protection of UK water resources and possible introduction of water competition, there has never been a better time to take advantage of the skills that our Water Consultants can offer your business to ensure the efficient use of water and reduction of the associated charges.

For more information on the services we can provide please call our free phone helpline on 0800 923 0210 or e-mail






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