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Take the hassle out of switching

Tue 24th February 2015Take the hassle out of switching

Take the hassle out of switching

Switching energy suppliers can be daunting, but Chamber Energy Solutions makes it easy. Over 80% of our new customers switch suppliers when they sign with us.

At Chamber Energy Solutions we understand the benefits that switching your business energy supplier can bring. Switching your energy supplier can:

  • help you discover new deals from energy suppliers you may not be aware of;
  • give you access to longer or shorter contract terms that could help your business bottom line;
  • be an opportunity to resolve administrative problems than can occur with your meters or your contract end dates.

Switching expertise that really helps

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses switch energy suppliers over the past twelve months. We help over 80% of our new customers switch to new energy suppliers, while 52% of our existing customers switch to new suppliers when their energy contracts come to an end – we’re energy switching experts. We’re also energy market experts, and that means we have access to energy suppliers with which you may not be familiar and to contractual terms that you may not be able to access by going direct. For instance, we can offer fixed price five year energy contracts up to twelve months in advance of your current contract end date, a deal you won’t find anywhere else in the market.

Reducing your administrative burden

Switching energy suppliers offers even more benefits to businesses operating across multiple premises. Utilitywise can help you align your contract end dates and suppliers so that in the future all of your energy contracts can be renewed at the same time. This can substantially reduce your administrative burden, saving you time and resource.

Reducing your energy consumption to help with your costs

Switching energy suppliers with Chamber Energy Solutions means you’ll also have access to a wide range of energy efficiency opportunities and get help to reduce your energy consumption. Chamber Energy Solutions offers a wide range of energy efficiency solutions for businesses of all sizes, ranging from Utility Insight, our web-based meter data reporting platform, to energy audits and financing for energy efficiency projects.

Safe, secure, and simple – switch with a single phone call

It’s easy to switch energy suppliers with Chamber Energy Solutions – all it takes is a phone call. To find out how your business can benefit from switching energy suppliers with Utilitywise, call us now on 0800 923 0210 or email


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