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Mon 28th July 2014Utilitywise strikes partnership with british chambers of commerce

The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) and Utilitywise have agreed to partner on a pilot programme in response to business concerns over volatile energy prices and navigating the complexities of energy procurement and management.

The new partnership will offer energy and water efficiency benefits to thousands of business members from the Accredited Chambers of Commerce participating in the pilot programme.

Under the Chamber Energy Solutions brand, the BCC and Utilitywise will work with participating Chambers of Commerce to deliver a wide range of energy and water reduction solutions to companies.

Karina Knudsen, Business Development Director at the BCC said: “UK companies are under pressure to keep costs down and meet carbon emission targets. This partnership will give members of participating Chambers the option to receive energy consultation and services at a discount, which has the potential to improve their competitiveness and their environmental credentials.”

Utilitywise will offer members of participating Chambers access to a basket solution, the ‘Chamber Energy Alliance’. This product utilises flexible energy purchasing to allow all organisations, with lower than 6GWh individual consumption, to take advantage of price movements within the wholesale energy market.

The package of energy efficient solutions also includes free energy health checks and free first-meter installation of the latest digital platform, Utility Insight, which gives unprecedented insight and clarity into the way companies use energy and water. Utilitywise will also provide discounted energy audits and discounted Edd:e systems that provide circuit-level visibility of a company’s electricity use.

Geoff Thompson, CEO of Utilitywise, said: “This major new partnership with the British Chambers of Commerce has the potential to stretch across the UK, helping businesses of all sizes and in different industries. Companies that control their energy use can become more competitive than their rivals. This is especially true in today’s economic climate where energy remains a major and increasing cost.”


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