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Thu 29th September 2016Water Procurement

Pay less for your business water. Find out what you could save by switching your water contract for your sites in England and Scotland.

Get a lower price for your business water

You can now get a water contract that covers all your sites in England and Scotland.

Sites in England will be fully open in April 2017, but  you can get a price now from Chamber Energy Solutions so you are ready for the change.

So ask yourself: do you want to stay with your current water supplier or do you want to switch?

Why switch with Chamber Energy Solutions?

  1. You’ll pay less for your water. We expect around a 4% drop in England and we have seen an even higher discount in Scotland – so if you have sites in Scotland this is the perfect time to align their contracts into one.
  2. You’ll have less paperwork. All of your water contracts can be placed with a single supplier covering England and Scotland – so less paperwork and only one type of bills to understand.
  3. Renewal rates can be aligned across all of your sites. We track when your water account can be requoted and do this for your automatically.
  4. Your Chamber Energy Solutions account manager will deal with your water supplier so you don’t have to and we handle all the switching paperwork.
  5. You’ll get help from your Chamber Energy Solutions account manager to understand your water usage and save even more money by reducing your consumption.

Best of all, we’ll put you in complete control over the core utilities in your business.

The Chamber Energy Solutions Water Contract

The Chamber Energy Solutions water contract lasts for three years, with convenient e-billing and easy to manage direct debit payment.

The contract will end in 2020 when Ofwat will undertake a price review. When this happened in Scotland prices fell even further. With a Utilitywise water contract, you will be in a prime position to take advantage of this drop.

Don’t get left behind

57% of businesses don’t know that they will soon be able to switch their water supplier. We can help you get ready to switch now so that you don’t end up on more expensive and complicated contracts because you did not do anything.

Register your interest to switch your business water supplier now. Visit: Alternatively call 0333 000 0132 or email 


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